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Mainstar is a worldwide international ship maintenance and repair company with over 20 years experience

Ship maintenance & repair

Mainstar ship maintenance and repair:

- 20 yrs experience
- worldwide capability
- quality workmanship
- competitive prices
- quality control
- safety standards

Mainstar ship repairers

Mainstar Company Limited
Ship repairers
Ship maintenance and repair

First Floor Stamford House, Northenden Road,
M33 2DH

US Tel: +1 305 515 8122
UK Tel: 44 (0)161 976 4717
UK Fax: 44 (0)161 341 0285

Registration no: 03496699


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About Mainstar

Ship repairers

Key values of the company

Mainstar Ship maintenance and repair produces quality workmanship at the most competitive prices with strict observation to quality control and imperative safety standards.

Mainstar Ship/Marine repairs provide high quality. We put quality at the heart of all of our activities our services, our people and our performance.

Mainstar Marine-Ship maintenance promise delivery - We will always strive to deliver what we have committed to do, on time and to the highest standard.

Mainstar Ship repairs are client focused, our clients are very important to us and we aim to exceed their expectations and develop long standing relationships.

Mainstar Dry dock repairs thrive on teamwork. We work together bringing out the best in each other and creating strong and successful working relationships with our satisfied clients

Mainstar Worldwide international ship maintenance and repair provide excellence through continuous improvements in all of ship maintenance and repair work.