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Mainstar is a worldwide international ship maintenance and repair company with over 20 years experience

Ship maintenance & repair

Mainstar ship maintenance and repair:

- 20 yrs experience
- worldwide capability
- quality workmanship
- competitive prices
- quality control
- safety standards

Ship repairers

Mainstar Company Limited
Ship repairers
Ship maintenance and repair

First Floor Stamford House, Northenden Road,
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US Tel: +1 305 515 8122
UK Tel: 44 (0)161 976 4717
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Mainstar Riding Squads

Worldwide riding squads

Mainstar ship maintenance & repair teams of experienced workers always consist of highly skilled and qualified tradesmen from reputed shipyards worldwide. They are carefully selected in terms of skill, qualification & experience in order to meet our clients' specific needs, whether it is for riding squads or in dry dock situations.

Mainstar Marine / Ship maintenance teamís skills include:

- Pipefitters
- Coded welders including Co2 and electrode welders
- Steel Carpenters
- Insulators
- Fabricators
- Sheet metal workers
- Electricians for power and distribution systems.

Mainstar Ship repairers are also able to put together skilled teams for more specialist refurbishment works on board cruise ships such as carpet fitters, tilers, wood carpenters and decorators for example.

Mainstar Ship/Marine repairs worldwide offers total professionalism and security with a full and comprehensive ship repairerís marine liability, personal indemnity and accident policy. Coverage up to $3.5 Million USD

Mainstar Ship repairers produce quality workmanship at the most competitive prices with strict observation to quality control and imperative safety standards.