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Mainstar is a worldwide international ship maintenance and repair company with over 20 years experience

Ship maintenance & repair

Mainstar ship maintenance and repair:

- 20 yrs experience
- worldwide capability
- quality workmanship
- competitive prices
- quality control
- safety standards

Ship repairers

Mainstar Company Limited
Ship repairers
Ship maintenance and repair

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Ship Repair Services

Ship maintenance and repair

Mainstar Worldwide international ship maintenance and repair provide excellence through continuous improvements in all of their ship maintenance and repair work.

We are conducting a process of rapid expansion and have developed into the leading force in ship repair, conversion and marine services, operating worldwide and supplying skilled riding squads on a 24/7 basis.

Mainstar guarantees quality workmanship at the most competitive prices with strict observation to quality control and imperative safety standards.

Our Marine / Ship maintenance services include:

Pipefitting – with ferrous and non ferrous materials as well all plastic piping including George Fischer.

Welding – with both ferrous and non ferrous materials / all positions

Welding processes – Mig, Tig, Electrode, Oxy, Acetylene (certified)

Fabrication – steel work and pipe

Mechanical – incl. pumps, compressors, main engine and generators

HVAC – removal and installation of air handling units, fans, filters and regotherms as well as cooling and reheat coils.

HVAC ducting – removal and fabrication of new duct work. Galvanised, stainless steel and black steel ducts

Carpentry and refurbishment – General, internal refurbishment carried out by experienced ships carpenters

Insulation – All aspects e.g. Removals and new installations using all of today’s recognised materials; High-medium temperature steam and hot water pipe line with hammer clad mechanical protection; Armaflex – chilled water and refrigeration foil and wire backed Rockwool slab insulation (A/C Ducts)

Ship Deck-Fan Rooms – fully comprehensive corrosion protection, cleaning and application of protective coating.

Rubber lined sea water piping – Removal of damaged or corroded sea water pipelines. New fabrication and rubberisation. Full turnkey projects available. Costings based on a total price or rated at hourly costs.

Electrical – providing a full service of electrical back-up teams covering all aspects including cable lighting upgrades.

Sewage plant conversions – installation of grey water, black water, technical fresh water, steam, condensate, bilge water and fuel systems. In addition to centrifuge and desalination reverse osmosis.

Refrigeration – removal and/or renewal of ships cold store plus internal and external stainless steel repairs to United States Public Health standards.

Project costings are available based on full turnkey hourly or daily costings.